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35% SEO Increase with Headless Conversion, a leading online platform for rural living enthusiasts, was grappling with performance issues on its website. Faced with slow loading times and a high bounce rate, it was negatively affecting user experience and SEO performance. Recognizing these issues, Acreage Life partnered with the renowned website development company, Civilized Savage, to revamp its website. The objective was to improve site performance, reduce bounce rate, and improve SEO performance, ultimately leading to an increase in organic traffic.


Before the website relaunch, AcreageLife was encountering issues related to site speed and user engagement, reflected in the high bounce rate. Both these factors were negatively impacting the SEO ranking of the website, resulting in limited visibility on search engine results pages (SERPs), and by extension, limiting organic traffic and potential growth.

acreage life SEO increase


Headless Transition

Civilized Savage suggested a transition to a headless CMS architecture. In contrast to a traditional CMS, a headless CMS separates the backend from the frontend, providing more efficient content delivery and enabling faster loading times.

Bounce Rate/Speed Improvement

With a headless transition comes serious speed upgrades. We ensured maximal user retention by improving the site speed by 4x.


19,878 spots gained

in rank positions across the site

35.50% increase

in organic traffic from pre-launch to 1 month post launch

4x Site Speed Improvement

Leading to bounce rate reduction for all organic users

3,543 newly indexed keywords

without content updates or backlink work


The transformation of by Civilized Savage stands as a strong testimony to the benefits of technical SEO and strategic website infrastructure enhancements. By focusing on site speed and user engagement, it's possible to drive substantial growth in organic traffic and achieve improved SERP rankings. With the flexibility offered by the headless CMS, along with the data-driven insights provided by Surfer SEO, can now consistently adapt and optimize their content strategy for sustained growth. The relaunch not only fulfilled the initial objectives but exceeded expectations, demonstrating how effective performance improvements can lead to quick and significant results in SEO performance. The gains in keyword ranking and the indexing of new keywords further position to capture new audiences and cement its position as a leader in the rural living niche. This success story serves as a blueprint for other organizations experiencing similar challenges, demonstrating the tangible impact of a well-executed website relaunch with a focus on performance optimization and SEO best practices. With the right approach and the right partners, significant improvements in user experience, organic traffic, and keyword ranking are well within reach.

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