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Headless SEO Improvements For A Leading Editor

Nick Wolny is a premiere editor for one of the largest digital publications in the country. With intimate knowledge of how challenging it is to win for nationwide SEO rank positions, he knew he needed to go headless with his own blog if he was going to compete at the top level.

Growing His Personal Brand

Nick has terrific content. As a writer, editor and consultant for other businesses on how to write quality content, he needed a superb website to give his website maximal rankability.

Nick Search Console Growth


Custom Redesign

Nick worked with the Civilized Savage design team to improve his homepage and article pages. For the article pages the focus was to give him variant design styles for specific types of articles thus giving him control and consistency for his content.

Speed Guarantees

With site speed playing such a huge role in Google's algorithm, we needed to assure Nick of top performance in order to make the most of his investment in going headless. This proved worthwhile as his site's bounce rate and site session length improved dramatically with the launch of the new site.


Wild SEO Growth

Since launch Nick's organic traffic has improved by over 40% per month

Improved Conversion

Consulting projects have increased significantly since launch

Improved Indexing

His rank positions have shot up since launch of the new site without any content changes or backlink work


Nick has continued to improved his site more and more since go-live for the new site and the results have been extraordinary in terms of natural SEO growth, inbound business and easier operations for publishing new content. Additionally, the site's security has saved him from past headaches involving hackers infiltrating his old Wordpress website.

Take Control Of Your Digital Destiny

Your website is more important than ever for your personal brand or business. Take charge of your website with a future-proof headless build.