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Hacker Hijacks Wordpress Site

Hackers infiltrated a real estate brokerage's website wreaking havoc on their hard-earned SEO and damaging their credibility with site visitors. Civilized Savage came to the rescue with a headless re-creation of their existing site in under 10 days.


Pam's website and specifically the SEO positions we had gained for her over the years was a huge source of their inbound leads, driving hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue. When hackers infiltrated her site that put all of her SEO in jeopardy. This mayhem required fast action and thankfully we were able to finish the transition to headless in under 10 days.

Email from Google about hack

Fast Action

Re-create existing site with exact design

Pam loved the look of her site and to avoid complicating the headless transition insisted that we re-create the exact look and feel of her Wordpress site.

Custom Headless CMS

As a real estate brokerage we needed to build the functionality so that her team not only had complete control of the content on the site but also the ability to easily create and manage listings as well.

Communication with Google

As shown in the screenshot above, Google had identified that Pamela's site was being used for by hackers with malicious intent. They had injected files into her site that was putting her users at risk. Once we completed the transition, we reached out to Google and got her site certified as safe and clean.

SEO Recovery

The hackers were using the positive SEO that we had built up for Pam over the years and using her site's domain authority to backlink to dark web websites. This was causing her to lose rank fast. Once the site was switched to headless we requested a fresh crawl and regained the coveted top search positions for her category.


Significant Speed Improvements

Her website speed improved by 3x simply by switching to headless

Secure Website

Hackers focus on Wordpress for a reason and know all too well that they can't infiltrate a well-built headless website

Improved SEO

With the speed improvements, we saw a rank increase across GMBs and long-tail keywords even greater than her positions prior to the hack


Pam's site is not only safer than ever, it's also faster and more controllable. This means she's seeing greater conversions/inbound leads and her team is able to independently manage site content and listings with ease.

Secure Your Future

Your website needs to be beautiful, fast and secure. Reach out today to discuss your current situation and explore what a headless site can do for you.