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Eco-Resort Increases Conversion by 5x

Tranquilo Bay approached Civilized Savage after listing to TJ doing a guest webinar for a consultancy group training their clients on proper SEO tactics and techniques. Site speed was a brief part of the conversation but after Renee (owner of Tranquilo Bay) checked out the Civ Sav website, she quickly understood that headless was potentially a great option for her website. With limited design scoped, the main goal of the project was to convert her website into headless with the goal of increasing inbound leads. To say the least, mission accomplished.

Challenge Facing Tranquilo

Their old site was extremely slow leading to a high bounce rate and without proper integrations built into the website, conversion was a task for the site visitor rather than an easy, downhill process. We evaluated their customer journey and along with the revamped site speed and custom headless CMS, we also integrated typeform directly into the CMS so that Renee and her team could encourage potential customers to reach out with custom lead forms for each page/offer. This streamlined their customer journey significantly removing all friction and redundancy from the process.

Tranquilo Bay Homepage after Civ Sav design


Limited Design Scope

Given Tranquilo's budget, we limited our design work to the main pages of the website, allowing our client to utilize our services maximally within their constraints.

Guaranteed Speed Scores

With site speed being the major impetus for the project, Civilized Savage guaranteed desktop and mobile page speed scores using Page Speed Insights (Google's tool for measuring site performance). This guaranteed the client received their desired results and also ensured the site would be accessible to users in rural markets, an issue they had previously struggled with.

Customer Journey Discovery

The Typeform integration was not originally a part of the web build however after our discovery process of the customer journey, TJ recommended to Renee that we integrate Typeform throughout the site, thus enabling the user to complete custom lead-gen forms based on the specific page they were on.

Flexible Development Process

Tranquilo's needs changed during the course of the build and rather than altering scope and pausing the build, Civilized Savage proved to be a flexible firm, striving to deliver a premiere website without holding up the project.


5x Increase In Customer Submissions

Bringing Massive Revenue Growth to the Business

Improved Bounce Rate & Session Length

With better site speed, there is always a better user experience

SEO Advancement

Rank increase across positions with improved onsite performance


Working with Civilized Savage was a serious investment for the Tranquilo Bay Resort however given the conversion improved so drastically, the ROI was almost immediate in realized revenue and greater fill rate for their resort. We're continuing our work with Tranquilo to streamline their operations further by automating the sales process post-customer submission.

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