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Case Studies

Headless & SEO Wins

5 Million in Sales in 14 Months

Our client hired us for an SEO campaign in an extremely competitive market (competing with brands such as John Deer and Kubota). We accepted the challenge and became their leading source of revenue.

Overview & Market

With the burgeoning of electric agriculture products across the market, the competitive landscape of keywords such as 'electric tractor' was fierce. Going into the campaign we were outranked by competitors such as John Deere, Monarch Tractors and Kubota. With decisive, strategic action we were able to secure the top spot in less than 3 months and shortly thereafter take spots 1, 2 and 3 for the highly coveted search term. This led to millions of dollars in tractor sales for our client, a 150x ROI on their SEO investment.

5 Million in Sales in 14 Months


Onsite Optimization

Without a technically optimized website that passes Core Web Vitals (Google speed score analysis), you're at a huge disadvantage in terms of site rankability. We optimized their website to ensure optimal rankability.

Strategic Ongoing Backlink Campaign

In competitive keyword markets you're going to need backlinks across the web telling Google that you are indeed an authority on the given topic. Our dedicated backlink team works monthly providing reports to our clients to ensure brand alignment.

Content Audits/Updates

Publishing great SEO content is important at the start of any campaign however the best SEO teams provide regular audits of your content against the landscape of competitors to ensure that you have the best content from Google's perspective.

Semantic Search Authority

To be a true category leader your website needs to have a breadth and depth of information within your category. This means expert content beyond your main target keyword establishing your semantic authority with Google's algorithm.


#1 Rank

For "Electric Tractor"

$5.1 Million Dollars of

SEO Attributed Sales in 14 Months

Long-Tail Domination

Top Rank for Avatar Customers such as Universities, Golf Courses & Vineyards


Our SEO work for Solectrac not only solidified their status as the leading provider of electric tractors and millions of dollars in sales, it also gave them faith in Civilized Savage to lead their website revamp, switching them over from an outdated Squarespace website to a state-of-the-art headless website. This will only further our SEO efforts as we now have lightning fast page speed on our side and have integrated the headless CMS with enterprise level AI SEO tools that provide immediate audits to our long-tail target pages.

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